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Solve Illegal key size or default parameters

Solve Illegal key size or default parameters When first time I was working on AES 256 bit encyrption, I faced above exception. I tried everything and was frustrated what is the main cause. Then I reasearhed little bit on this, and found this has to do with " Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Policy Files" . So, What is  JCE Unlimited Strength Policy ? So when you install JDK / JRE on your machine a normal version of JCE policy jars is included which doesn't support higher bit (256 in my case) encryption / decryption. The reason behind this is, US has restrictions on the export of cryptographic technology: They used to be very strict -- cryptography was classified as munitions, and you can only download the full strength products from the US and other white-listed countries. Restrictions have eased up a lot since then,