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JShell : Test your logic right away

You might have heard about Java version 9 release and lot of buzzwords related to the new features that are going to unleashed from Oracle. New Module system(jigsaw) , Jlink and more tools are introduced. Today we will talk about one of the tool(aka. feature) which provides functionality that you might have used when you have used javascript and other languages... So, What it is .... REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop). So as you know, when you are writing software all these years, and at any point of time if you want to just execute some random code, some logic that you think it can work, you go to the command line shell (any shell that helps you to execute that language commands) and just right it there and execute..that's it.. Just check out the below features from your browser tools console executing javascript code (REPL feature). Python, Ruby, Haskell, Tcl also have  REPL features. Unfortunately java was lacking REPL feature from long time..and with the release o