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Rust: starting with blazingly fast programming language

 How I heard about Rust. As a regular user/contributor of one of popular tech forum stack overflow , I read almost all the blog post on stack-overflow. Every year they hold programming survey and Rust is on top since last 4-5 years. you can read about this survey here . First look: As a curious user, I tried to take a look at the language website , which talks about why Rust and many other things. First question came to my mind was, why another language?  what are we trying to solve? there are many other languages out there along with popular frameworks and thriving developer communities .  I come from Java development background and have been building web-apps since 2012. So the first statement that caught my attention, is that its blazingly fast . What is it that makes Rust so fast? Static typing:  Its statically typed language. So Rust compiler knows